About Us

Hello, my name is Paul Roberts and I am the author and creator of the My Gouldian Aviary website.

I first tinkered with building the website in the year 1999 during a period when I was laid up injured and so had plenty of time to play around on the computer. Back in those days there were not many bird sites like there are today. I was inspired by two of my favourite hobby sites called, "Gouldian Gardens" and "Little Birds".  They no longer exist.

Little did I know back then that the website was going to be so popular or the catalyst for others to build their own finch website or for so many enthusiasts to build their own garden aviary and begin an enjoyable hobby. The emails of thanks have been overwhelming!

The website has certainly gone through some changes over the years and has suffered long periods of neglect when I no longer had time to maintain it or keep up with the email inquiries that I was flooded with.


I made so many wonderful friends throughout the world through the website. I am looking forward to re-connecting with some old friends. In particular Pascal from Lebanon who was so kind enough to design the My Gouldian Aviary banner and give it to me as a gift. I have noticed Pascal's website is no longer on-line so I dearly hope he is well in light of the terrible war problems that have plagued the world at various times.  And I recall Mike from Candor Aviaries in Canada also now off-line and oh so many others from those early glory days.

Recently I was able to transfer the data from the old website to this new style website and new domain at,

There will be some more changes over time with all the pages completed and some new ones.

I hope you continue to enjoy visiting the website where ever you may be.

Kind Regards to All,