Andy's Aviary

The Making of Andy McDermott's Aviary 

This is how the backyard looked, before the aviary was started January 2002. The raised garden bed was a great spot for birds to be on show.

Treated pine poles were put into the ground to begin the frame.The aviary is 3.5m across,

1.5m width and 2m tall. A concrete floor was chosen to try to eliminate the problem of rats and mice.



The frame has begun. The roof is slightly taller at the front allowing rain to drain off.



Two doors were made to create a safety porch. Always a good idea if you want to save yourself from heartache.

The "square holed" wirewas stapled onto the frame. Mistakenly, chicken wire was originally purchased for the aviary.

We learned the hard way that this was notsuitable.Square wire looks better and is a lot easier to fix to the frame.

A section of the aviary is made weather-proof iron sheets providing shelter for the birds.

The master builder (father-in-law) is fixing the decorative boards across the top and sides.

The gutter wasn't exactly mandatory but it does provide some extra fresh water when there is a bit of rainfall.