The Cuban Finch

I bought a pair of Cuban Finches in March 2013 for $40 at the local Bird Sale. It was definitely without any doubt a very good purchase.  

I had read about these finches and had always wanted to add them to the garden aviary. They have surpassed all my expectations. 

They call to one another if they find themselves apart and the call of the male is sharp and so beautiful. Almost like that of a canary. When all the different finches are singing the Cubans call really highlights the finch song symphony. 

They are very quick and very active. So far they haven't bred but I don't mind as they are very sociable with the other occupants.

The Cuban males color is striking with his bright yellow chest band, green back and jet black face and belly. The hen is a lot duller in color as can be seen in the photographs opposite. 

If you get the opportunity I recommend you purchase just the one pair for the garden aviary. It is only recommended to have the one pair as the male will attack other Cuban males. 

I am told if they breed you have to remove the young after two weeks as the male may kill the young if there is a male among them.

You can listen to our Cuban male singing below...|Cuban_Finch