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The Gold Breast Waxbill

On the first day of Spring 2003 I introduced four little Gold Breasted Waxbills to the garden aviary. Found over most of Africa south of the Sahara Desert, they are an attractive addition to the garden aviary.

My two pairs have quickly settled into the garden aviary. They absolutely love the outside planted garden area and are very sociable with the other aviary residents.

The cock bird has a striking gold chest as seen in the photos displayed. I am very pleased with them at the moment.

At long last a 2005 update...

Well those two pairs mentioned above have grown into a small colony of approximately 14 members!

There is no doubt this waxbill loves the planted garden aviary! And we love them!

They have a truly peaceful and calming song and they have provided us with much pleasure waking to their soft song in the early morning!


A waxbill nestliing ready to fledge!