Hello and Welcome to the My Gouldian Aviary (MGA) Website!

This hobby website was first published on the 4th December 2000 and is my contribution to the promotion of the Gouldian finch. Basically this website is an idiot’s guide to raising the Gouldian finch in an outside garden aviary. For the record, the author considers him-self, the biggest idiot.


If this is your first visit to the website, grab a cup of tea, coffee or alcoholic beverage and get comfortable, as there are many webpages to explore via the menu at the top of the page. You should find the website easy to navigate, however if you find any problems please email us.


I do not sell anything here but just recommend what I believe works. It is my desire to help you with the safekeeping of the Gouldian finch by sharing with you my experience of colony breeding the Gouldian Finch in our little garden aviary situated in Melbourne, Australia. Other finch species live with our Gouldians and these are also mentioned so that you can safely include other sociable occupants to your aviary.


My aim is to produce happy and healthy Gouldian finches in a natural garden setting to ensure the survival of our little and much loved home bred colony that has been going since 1995. I cannot recommend a landscaped planted aviary highly enough. The finches love such an environment and it is a great addition to the garden. All the finch calls are faint and provide a pleasant symphony of song throughout the day! 


Being a traditionalist, I only house the normal coloured Gouldians with the red, black and yellow head colours. I am afraid I have no interest in the mutations. Over the years I have developed a strong strain of free breeding colony Gouldians that are all descended from our very first purchase, a red headed male Gouldian who we dearly remember as the mighty, Montezuma (aka), Monte.

All the photographs have been taken inside our garden aviary. Enjoy the photos but please do not steal them, as others have done in the past to make money from them. Hence, the copyright warnings throughout the Website in addition to all the photographs being watermarked and reduced in size. There are always a few bad apples that take advantage. C'est la vie...


If you would like access to any photograph without the watermarks for a school project or magazine, newsletter article, please send an email and I will be more than happy to provide an original copy.


Anyway, on a more brighter note, I hope you enjoy the Website and find it of some benefit in your quest to successfully house this truly social and glorious Australian grass finch.  Enjoy...