Well if you are a regular visitor you will know that I like to keep thorough records of my Gouldian colony. Even to the extent of weighing them.

I have often been asked how on earth do you weigh Gouldians. I use a small set of battery operated scales and a small empty light bulb box (pictured right).

Firstly I weigh the light bulb box. Then I place the Gouldian in the box and place it evenly on the scales. Within 3 seconds or so the Gouldian will be still enough for the scales to register a constant weight. 

Then all you have to do is subtract the weight of the box from the combined total of the Gouldian and box and you are left with the weight of your Gouldian.

It is a good idea to weigh the box each time you use it on different days as its weight will vary slightly according to the atmospheric conditions.

I find it helpful to know their weight especially when it is necessary to medicate your Gouldians such as at worming time. It is also helpful if you suspect your Gouldian is sick. You can then check for any weight loss.

I have found the average weight in my colony is 17 grams. I have noticed the healthy robust Gouldians seem to weigh between 17 grams to 19 grams. I have found the hens that are a good size and weight never have any problems with laying eggs.

Anyway I am sure if you do adopt this practice, you will find it of interest and benefit in the management of your Gouldians.