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This Month In The Aviary




Average high for autumn in Melbourne is 20 C (68 F) and the average low is 11 C (52 F).

Autumn in Melbourne is a great time. I love it! The weather during March, April and May is just beautiful. After experiencing extremes in heat during summer it has been a refreshing time. Some warm days with no wind and then some really cold nights. I just love the stillness in the air.

It doesn’t take long for the lawn to recover, once again it is all nice and deep green. Good opportunity to over sow too. My aviary is looking the best it has ever been with the plants all growing nicely.

The Gouldian colony has gone berserk this year with an uninterrupted breeding cycle. Many of the nests have been four or five. I had one nest that would always return overnight after they fledged. They just loved cuddling up in the nest.

Well one more month of autumn and winter will be upon us here in Melbourne. Remember to spray for lice and mite at the start of winter. Probably doesn’t hurt to do it every 6 weeks if you can remember.

Keep the aviary clean and the indoor area dry. Check for leaks and escape holes especially if your aviary is old like mine. Remember too to keep on top of any mouse problem. They may look cute but they spread disease.

I have taken some new photographs of the aviary so hopefully I will get around to updating the Aviary Page to show what it actually looks like these days. The photos on the Website are so old now. Boy how time flies.

My oldest male Gouldian in the colony is now 9 years old and he is still robust and happily raising young ones this year.

Just want to say ‘thank you’ to the many visitors that read through the Website and keep coming back even though it hasn’t been updated for years. I do read your emails and guest book entires from time to time. Hopefully I will get round to answering more than time permits me to.

Well I hope your garden aviary is going well. Good birding to you all…