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Our First Gouldian

This is 'Montezuma' our very first Gouldian purchased in February 1995. Named after an Aztec Emperor, he was affectionately known as 'Monte'.

Many times Monte would sleep outside with his colony in a tree branch, exposed to the unpredictable Melbourne weather. It still amazes me how he survived for so long as I learnt by trial and error.

This particular photograph depicts a 'battle worn' Monte in old age during the winter of 2001. It was the last photograph that I ever took of him. On the 9th day of December 2001, he passed away aged 7 years old, which was quite a feat!

Monte was an extraordinary Gouldian and an emperor in his own right. He was dearly loved and is now sorely missed, but his colony stills continues today and his son "Montezuma II" is now the leader of his colony.

His legacy is the wonderful colony that occupies our garden aviary today.


Monte II (Son of Monte).