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This Month In The Aviary




Average high for spring in Melbourne is 20 C (68 F) and the average low is 10 C (50 F).

Hello finch followers. Well so that is Winter done and dusted. And what a mild winter it was here in Melbourne. I think it was one of our warmest in recent history. But having said that there were still quite a few cold nights.

Well as the season suggests it is time to do some spring cleaning in the aviary. Replace that dusty washed white sand on the inside area aviary floor. Time to do some weeding and maybe some replanting in the outdoot area. Put in new and clean branches for perches.

If you have kept the mice under control during Winter then keep up the broken cycle and replace fresh bait stations so that the mice don't reappear with the warmer weather.

With the longer days creeping in pick a nice warm day and give the finches a spray with the lice and mite spray. Time to also add moulting aid to the water and start gearing up for the moult.

Make new breeding boxes if you wish and maybe make up a new design and test it out this summer. I like to get the old nest boxes clean and ready early. I am going to make up some nest boxes more similar to a log hollow just to give the Gouldians some variety and see if they get excited with them. I didn't breed my colony this year so I am sure they will be rearing to have a crack this Summer.

I have framed up a new aviary built from skinny treated pine logs. Hopefully I will get it finished by Christmas. It is a church aviary with a church type tower and annex. Cant'wait to landscape it out. I am thinking of planting a cherry blossum in the tower section. Not entirely sure yet.

Anyway Spring has sprung, enjoy the new season and good birding to you all!