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This Month In The Aviary




Average high for Summer in Melbourne is 25 C (77 F) and the average low is 14 C (57 F).

Once again, I cannot believe that it is summer here again in Melbourne, Australia. Traditionally, our family put up all the Christmas decorations on this day and play Christmas carols just about every night. And the website doesn’t miss out either!

Well we have had some heavy rain during the last month and the aviary roof well and truly got test for leaks! I noticed a few damp spots on the inside section sandy floor. As soon as we get some nice weather, I will reline the wood paling roof with new thick black plastic and then cover that with tee tree thatching. I will also replace the white sand on the indoor section floor. This is a good time to repace all the tree branches nad throw out the old soiled ones.

Being the first day of the month reminds me to spray the birds with spray & mite spray. The directions say to do it every 6 weeks but I find it easier to remember to do it on the first day of every month. I catch the birds in the aviary, place them in a basic budgie cage, and spray them in that. Then I release them minutes later back into the aviary. It is important to treat them for lice and mite as these pests not only weaken the bird they also contribute to the loss of head feathers as the birds pluck themselves. So this treatment is a must. As is threating them for air sac mite at the start of each season.

I have been mixing moulting aid in the drinking water for the last two months and I will continue to do so through to January.

I am hoping to finish off the new garden church aviary over the summer holidays and I will post some pictures of its development form start to finish in the not too distant future. Once again, I am using the 75 mm round treated pine poles. .

I have been building up the St Helena waxbill numbers so hopefully I have a pair now and they will produce some young ones soon.

I rested my Gouldian colony this year due to sheer lack of time to keep on top of looking after them properly. I have added some new unrelated Gouldians and I will let them bred again this season.

Well I think that just about covers it all. I hope you enjoy the summer holidays and have a fabulous and safe time over the Christmas period.

Good birding to you all…