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The Owl Finch

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We introduced our pair of Owl Finches to the Gouldian garden aviary on the 14th November 2000.

This attractive Australian Grass Finch is also known as the Owl Faced Finch, Bichenos Finch or Double Bar Finch. Measuring 11.5cm (4.5in), this mighty little finch will quickly win you over.

Socialable by nature and very compatable with the Gouldian Finches. They require a mixture of millets and canary seed, with greenfood and some invertebrates.

These grassfinches are distributed throughout the northern and eastern parts of Australia where they frequent areas of long savannah grasses where water is available and also areas of human habitation.

They develop a strong pair bond. Our little pair are first to rise in the morning and last to retire at night, roosting in their nest box that faces the morning sun.

They thrive in the out door area, always calling to one another, constantly on the move, exploring all the hiding places within the aviary.

I highly recommend this popular little grassfinch and would be very surprised if you are not pleased with their introduction to the aviary!